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Lego Fusion Bringing Real Legos to your Digital World

Recently Lego has announced a new series to their popular brand of building blocks that provides a new layer of depth to the experience. Lego Fusion is a combination of physical Lego blocks that you can scan into a digital game via an Android or iOS device. There’s a number of different sets already available, each with their own number of configurations. Once you build the car or tower of your choice, you can take a picture of your creation and play with it in a virtual world. 

I don’t know how much of a seller this one will be since the great joy of Lego is being able to create something in the real world, but it will at least give your creating a little more use with the ability to play with it in a virtual world. 

Free App Friday: Vector

Device: iDevices & Android

A Double P Review: Vector is a pretty awesome parkour game for mobile devices. The game is an “auto-runner” meaning that the screen will move from left to right without any input from you. Your goal is to out run the “man” who is chasing you down. During your escape you will have to free run over obstacles and gaps to keep your distance. The animations for the runner look amazing in Vector. There is an option to pay for more levels but the free version will at least give you a taste of the overall game. 

Price: Free
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