A Double P

Useful Widget Gets Pulled from App Store

iOS 8 brought a lot of great features to iDevices that have been on other platforms for years. Among these list of features was custom widgets. If you swipe down the Notification Center and swipe to the Today tap, you’ll notice there there is now an Edit button. Clicking this will allow you to customize your today view with widgets from apps that support this functionality. One of my favorite apps that was providing useful information was Launcher - Favorites at your Fingertips. Launcher, created by Cromulent Labs, allowed you to customize a section of the Today view for quick links to apps, contacts, web pages, or even directions. It was simple to use and added so much needed customization to the Notification Center. 

According to the official site for Launcher, Apple informed the company that it needed to change the behavior of the app or it would be pulled from the store. There was no real reason given to why this happened. The app didn’t mimic already existing functionality in iOS 8 and didn’t seem to be capturing any user data. This behavior is why so many people tend to stick with Android for the mobile OS needs. While iOS 8 did bring the operating system closer to parity with Android, these random acts of policing apps will keep the OS feeling dated. If you’ve already downloaded Launcher, you should still be able to use it with no problems. I hope Apple either lets this one back in the store or implement this into the OS itself.