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A Double P Review: Duo Gamer and Duo Pinball

With the holiday season upon us, it is now time to start looking for presents for all of your friends and family. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the 3rd party accessories for iPods, iPhones, and iPads have grown into a vast variety of products. The ones that have captured my interest the most are the gaming accessories, specifically Bluetooth controllers. The lack of physical buttons on iDevices makes them less than ideal gaming platforms, depending on the creator and genre of the game. The greatest games in the App Store are usually the ones that use the touch interface to their advantage. There are, however, tons of games that rely on virtual joysticks and buttons for input. That’s where these two products come in: the Duo Gamer and Duo Pinball

The Duo Gamer is a Bluetooth controller iDevices that works exclusively with select Gameloft apps. The controller itself is lightweight and easy to setup. There are two triggers, four face buttons, dual joysticks and a d-pad on the controller. Oh, did I gloss over that very important fact too quickly for you? Well allow me to roll that back for you: the Duo Gamer works exclusively with a select few Gameloft apps. That’s right, if you pick up the Duo Gamer, be prepared to be stuck with Gameloft games. Now that’s necessarily a bad thing but it is something to keep in mind when deciding if the Duo Gamer controller is for you. The games supported at this time are N.O.V.A. 3, Asphalt 7: Heat, Order & Chaos Online, Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Free+, and Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. I played both Asphalt 7 and Modern Combat 3 and had a surprisingly great time with this setup. The controls are very responsive in both games and the pad feels great in my hands. As soon as the other apps go on sale, I’ll more than likely pick those up as well. The takeaway here is that it works and it works well. 

The Duo Pinball is an adapter for your iPad that adds two flipper buttons and a launcher to your device. Compatible with Pinball HD and Pinball Classic, the Duo Pinball does an excellent job of simulating a pinball table. If you for some reason thought tapping the screen was too much or not engaging enough, this accessory will provide you with the tactile feedback you miss. The only thing I wish it had was some type of rumble feedback when hitting certain elements of the table. Other than that, the Duo Pinball does exactly what you’d expect.

Taking price out of the equation, both the Duo Gamer and Duo Pinball would be great presents for the gamer in your life this holiday season. I had a great time playing with them and they work really well for the games I played them with. Sadly, price is something that most of have to take into consideration. I would say these would be a steal at 30 bucks each and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them at that price. Unfortunately the Duo Gamer retails for $79.95 and $59.95 for the Duo Pinball. At those price points, I’ll leave the buying decision up to you. 


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