A Double P

Title: Clash of Clans

Device: Universal
Price: Free with in-app purchases

A Double P Review: “Dude, you have to join my clan” a friend told me one Saturday morning, “download Clash of Clans, it’s awesome.” I had seen Clash of Clans before, it had been at the top of the free apps list for what seemed like months. But it’s a free-to-play game. All of those games have the same exact model: present you with a deluge of menial tasks, and then you either pay money to get those tasks done or sink hours and hours into accomplishing them. Well, Clash of Clans actually does exactly that (wait for the but) BUT (there it is) the gameplay offerings make the game worth investing in. Essentially, you build a base, gather resources, level up your base, and build increasingly powerful troops to fight other players. At a certain level you can create a ‘clan’ so that you can get troops from other players, and send them troops as well. The combat system works like an RTS with wind-up toys: you deploy the troops onto the battlefield whenever you want, but once deployed they do their own thing. The strategy becomes when and where you’ll deploy those troops while in battle. There are two sides to a battle though, while you can attack, you’ll also want to set up a great defense for your base because other players are trying to invade and steal your resources. You’ll find yourself caring about your little base and it’s defenses a lot more than you may think. I’ve been playing the game every day for 2 months and I can safely say it’s a lot of fun and approaches strategy and F2P in a very unique way, especially for a mobile game.

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    Actually not a bad game. All be it very similar to many others
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    Dammit, I’m probably going to start playing this game.
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